International outlook

International thinking

As we are constantly working in the cross-border environment, the firm has developed an “international-thinking” approach. The local expertise is interwoven with deep knowledge and understanding of the foreign legal environment in which our clients operate, including EU law.

International cooperation

The firm is independent, but frequently works with major international law firms, including the leading law firms in Europe and all over the world. We also closely cooperate with selected law firms in the region.


Our lawyers have all received an excellent legal education. Many have studied at the world’s best universities. As a part of the continuing education we maintain close relationship with the academia. We run training programs both internally as well as at various foreign training institutions. At the heart of our training system is a mentoring concept which supports our philosophy that the firm should be run with a low ratio of partners to associates. This approach enables fast communication and a learning process which allows valuable know-how to be efficiently passed on to junior attorneys.

IT and security

Our IT and security systems are set against the requirements of top international corporations. We are constantly pursuing most up-to-date developments in the legal industry on IT issues. Some of the features that we employ are the state-of-the-art time/billing software and matter management software.